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April 25, 2013


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Hello again!!
If you liked my high school photography on this blog… then please feel free to visit my photography websites,¬†now that I am 2 years out of high school (and two years more experienced!!) ūüėČ

1.) or to go straight to my gallery.

Thank you!! ūüôā


June 8, 2011

Advanced Photo Final

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For this week I worked on my final.  For my final, I used PhotoGraphic Magazine for my resource.  The website is and most of the same pictures and information that I got from the magazine are found on this webpage.  For the theme of my final, I focused on just nature pictures, such as; trees, flowers, landscape and animals.  P.S. I also made a new (Kissed By The Sun) logo that I put on all of my pictures.

The Photography Final-

  • Rule of Thirds: (1st Picture)- {2 Dogs} ¬†For this picture I photographed a neighbors dog, in a grass field. ¬†In Lightroom, I changed the photo to sepia and added a vignette to the edges, because I liked the feel it gave the photo, better than it did in color. Then I used Photoshop to add a grunge texture to the picture, and put it on overlay, and then erased the texture from the dog.I added another one of the dog below the sepia one, to show one that I liked in color. For the one in color, I used Photoshop to add a HDR effect to it.
  • Leading Lines: (2nd Picture)- {Sidewalk to fence} For this picture I got down at ground level, and got a picture of a sidewalk leading to a fence. ¬†I like this photo a lot because of the colors and the detail the picture has. ¬†For editing I used lightroom to add a filter called “Yesteryear 1”, and then I used Photoshop to add a grunge texture to the photo. ¬†Then I manually gave the picture a vignette effect with the burn tool.
  • Natural Framing: (3rd Picture)- {Boat and Dog} For the boat picture I framed a boat between trees down at the river. ¬†I didn’t have to do much editing to the photo, except for burn around the edges for a vignette, and adjust the levels. ¬† I like how the photo came out, and like the blue colors of the photo, along with the reflection in the water of the boat.For the picture of the dog… ¬†The dog was staring at me while I was taking my simplicity photo of a flower down by the lake, and decided to take a photograph of it for my framing photo. ¬†I liked how the dog was poking its head from the doggie doors, and was being framed by that and the wooded frame of the house door. For editing I just adjusted the levels and gave the picture a HDR effect. ¬†I think the picture is really cute, and worked good for framing.
  • Creative use of LARGE Depth of field: (4th Picture)- {Lake} For this picture I got a picture of the lake down at the river. I took both the bushes and trees, while having the lake and the mountains are in focus also. ¬†I shot directly into the sun, which made it really bright around the sun and gave it a natural lens glare effect. I added a little more lens flare in Photoshop to add some of the glare circles. ¬†I like the picture a lot, and think it came out a really nice landscape.
  • Creative use of Limited Depth of Field: (5th Picture)- {Bleeding Hearts} This one came out to be one of my favorites. I love the bleeding heart flowers, and decided to photograph them for my limited depth of field photo. ¬†I focused on the main bleeding heart photo in the middle, and made the background and some side flowers blurry. ¬†On Photoshop I just added a grunge texture, and added a vignette around the edges. I think this photo is really pretty, and I love the colors and ¬†how clear/sharp the picture came out.
  • Image that shows Balance: (6th Picture)- {Trees} For this picture, I went into the cemetery, and got on the ground, and shot up at the two symmetrical trees. ¬†This was the best I could find, and I didn’t think it was going to come out that great, but I think it actually came out looking pretty good. ¬†I used Lightroom to add a vignette, and add contrast/vibrance to the photo.
  • A creative viewpoint (not eye level) (7th Picture)- {Bird house and Tree} For these two pictures I laid on my back, on the ground, and shot up at the tree.¬† For the bird house one, I got the ¬†birdhouse¬†along with the tree, and for the other I just got a picture of the tree and its branches. For editing, I just used Photoshop and adjusted the levels and added a light vignette to the edges. I like the bird house picture better, but I wanted of show both of what I got.
  • Simplicity: (8th Picture)- {Yellow Flower} For this picture I just photographed the inside of a flower, and in Photoshop I used the Dodge tool to brighten up some dark/shaded areas of the photo.¬† I like this picture, and like the detail of the inside of the flower.
  • YOUR CHOICE- (9th Picture)- {Squirrels} For this picture I did a clone of a squirrel.¬† I took to pictures of the squirrel and in Photoshop I merged them both together. I tried my best to math up the lighting of both squirrel because the lighting was off. ¬†I also tried to get the photo to look as realistic as I could, and I think all together it came out good, and pretty realistic looking.
  • YOUR CHOICE- (10th Picture)- {Yellow Daisies} This picture came out to be one of my bests. To shoot this photo, I put the camera under the flowers, and shot upwards towards the sky.¬† I had to do it over and over until I got the flowers to be I focus, and this is the best that I got.¬† I like how it came out, and think this perspective looks really cool.¬† In Photoshop I used a grunge texture over the photo and used it on overlay.
  • BUSINESS PORTRAIT (LAST PICTURE)-¬† For my last photo, I did my business portrait of Brenden.¬†¬†Studio lighting isnt my best, but I did the best that¬†I could with what I had.¬†¬†The right side of Brendens face is a little blown out, and I tried to fix it with moving the lights… but It just wasnt working out.¬† This is the best picture that I¬†got out of the ones I took.

May 28, 2011

Self portrait Project

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My favorite out of the photos is the first and second photos.
For the first photo, the tripod was placed on top of a table
outside, so it would have an above perspective.  I like this photo a lot because of the colors of the outfit, the green
grass as the background, and the guitar as a prop.  I added in a second version of the picture, which I followed a tutorial to get a vintage effect on it.
For the second photo, I did the same thing with the tripod to get the same angle.  For editing, I used Lightrom and Photoshop.  I used Lightrom to get the blue effect, and Photoshop to add a texture in the background, and minor retouches to my eyes, and removed some blemishes.  Then for the second version of the photo I added, I used a water texture over the image, then erased the water from the face and hands, to make the picture look as if i was underwater.  I think the picture looks good, and I think the underwater version gave it a creative view.

Third Photo: For this picture, I added a frame for a prop to add character to the image.  I also took the picture on a tripod, with my other camera, so I would be able to use my main camera I use for a prop.  I hardly did any editing to the picture, just removed a couple blemishes.  I like the photo, and think It came out good.

Fourth Photo: For this photo, I just aimed the tripod down at an angle, and I got this idea from a picture my mentor took of a senior model while I was jobshaddowing at Big Picture. I used selective coloring in Photoshop, to make just the flower head peice and scarf in its original color.

Fifth Photo: For this photo I set the tripod to its low-level, and sat next to a wheel barrel, and had my guitar as a prop also.  I think this photo came out nice, and like this photo in black and white because off the feel it gives it.

Sixth Photo: For this picture, I was in front of an old shed, and took just a normal portrait.  For editing, I used a Photoshop texture over the picture for the background and the edges of my hair, for a more golden look.  lastly I removed some blemishes and enhanced the eye color a little.

May 21, 2011

Lines project

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  • This week I chose to focus on finding lines in landscapes.¬†Even though the thought of doing lines¬†sounds a little boring;¬† I tried my best to find lines, but in a more creative way.¬†¬†¬†


  • For my first photo, I found lines in the tree trunks.¬† The trees are lined up parallel to each other, and form vertical lines.¬† For editing, I just adjusted the vibrance level to make the sky bluer, and the grass greener.
  • For my second photo, I photographed a fence that went in a long line.¬† I really like all of the colors in this photo, and this one came out nice.
  • For my third photo, I photographed the lines in the grass, after being mowed.¬† I thought this was a creative view of “lines”.
  • For my fourth photo, I photographed lines of gravestones.
  • For my fifth photo, I photographed the shadows of the trees, that were in the forms of lines.¬† I like how the lines go in about 4 different directions.¬† I also like the touch of¬†sun glare from behind the trees.
  • Sixth Photo:¬† “Same as fifth photo”
  • For my seventh photo, I photographed a little shed, and focused on the horizontal lines across the shed.¬† I like the vibrant colors in this photo, but I think some spots towards the top of the photo are a little overexposed.
  • For my eighth photo, I photographed the crossing lines on a road.¬† The picture is a little plain, but I thought it would fit in good¬†with the “lines” series.¬†


May 13, 2011

Photography Adventure

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This week our photography class had to go outside and take pictures of whatever we wanted, then we came back in the classroom, and had the rest of the period to edit our best picture.  When everyone was done, we each put our favorite picture up on our screens, and walked around to view what everyone came up with in the time limit.  We then voted for who we thought had the best picture that day.  
First Photo: This is my best picture I came up with the first day.  I only had my little camera this day, so I did the best I could with what I had.  I like the perspective of this photo.  
The rest of the photos:  These are the photos I came up with on the second day, and I was pretty happy with most of the results.  My favorite picture is the 4th and 5h Photos of the second day.  I really like the colors in them, and they have a nice feel to them. 

May 7, 2011

Spring Flowers/Blossoms

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This week I chose to photograph flowers and blossoms.  I like all of the pictures, and think they all came out really nice.  I am happy with the results.

1st Photo- This photo is my number one favorite photo out of them all.  I like the warm/gold tones it has, and the writing behind the flower.  It gives it a unique, artsy touch to it. 

2nd Photo-¬† This photo is my second favorite, because of the pink colors.¬† I like how they whole picture is the flower blossoms.¬† ¬†I photoshoped¬†this picture to bring out more of the pinks.¬† The only¬†part about the photo I don’t¬†like is that it’s a little too bright on one¬† left side.¬†

3rd Photo-  This photo is unique, because it is a different angle of the photo.  I like how its a tall version of the flower, and not looking down on it, or a macro.  I also added an old paper, and writing texture behind it, and I think that looks nice with this photo.   

4th Photo-  I like the bronze colors in this photo, and like the writing texture behind it also. 

5th Photo-  I really like this photo of the tulips.  I like all of the different colors of tulips and I also like how just the middle ones are in focus.  I added a little vignette to this photo to bring more focus to the middle tulips.

6th Photo-  I like this photo, because of the detail you can see inside of the flower.  I also think the yellows in the middle look really cool. 

7th Photo-  I love this photo, because of the warm colors it has, and the focus of the bee. I like how you can see the bee getting nectar from the flower.   Also, I like  how it has a good focus on just the bee and flower. 

8th Photo-¬† For this picture of the Pansy’s,¬†I used light room to add a preset to it.¬† I like how it came out, but think it could be a little more in focus.¬†















































































May 2, 2011

America 24/7 Project

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For this weeks project I tried doing something called America 24/7.  I  remembered seeing this in a book in photography

class, and thought it looked interesting to do.  I looked through the book again and got some ideas on what to take.
Since there are so many photos, I have chosen to just write about the ones I like the best.

What is America 24/7:

“A completely unique collection, America 24/7 is the result of tens of the thousands of Americans who took the

opportunity to create a national family album during one ordinary week. The ordinary is extraordinary in this collection,

in which people of all ages and backgrounds offered up a peek into what a day in the life is like in their version of

America.”¬† -Getty Images (


I captured different things throughout parts of Cda. I was happy with most of the results, and would like to do it again

in the future to get a different variety, and different occasions in the photos.

2nd Photo:  I really like this photo, because of the excited facial expression of the boy making the basket, while

everyone else isn’t really paying attention.¬† I also like how the basketball hoop gives the picture a rule of thirds look to


4th Photo:  This photo is my absolute favorite out of all of the photos.  I took a couple of pictures of this boy and his dog,

but on the very last picture, the dog licked his nose unexpectedly; and I caught it on camera.  This part of the picture

gives it a unique touch.

6th Photo:¬† I think this photo is interesting, even though it’s a¬†simple subject.¬† I really like the lighting from behind the trees in this photo, and the warm tome it has.¬† I also like how you can see all of the womans gardening tools aligned up by her fence.

8th Photo: I like the way this photo was ¬†taken.¬† I like how you can see a lot of detail and objects in the photo.¬† This photo is one of the best to me because of the little story behind it.¬† This man lives close to my house, and I have known him since I was about 6 years old.¬† Since I have known him he has run¬†his own auto repair shop in a big garage behind his house. Even though he is getting older, he still works everyday in the garage on people’s¬†cars, and is a hard, dedicated¬†worker.¬† When I took this photograph, he was just getting done for the day, and wiping¬†off the car he had been working on.¬† Another thing I like about this picture is how you can see all of the grease and stuff on his hand from working with the cars all day.

9th Photo:¬† I also like this photo because of the story behind it.¬† This photo was taken at an RV park next to a motel.¬† I was visiting my aunt and uncle that work at the motel.¬† My uncle¬†knew the man in the photo, and talked¬†to him, and he didn’t¬†mind it I took pictures of him.¬† The man sits out in his lounge chair a lot to get out of his small RV home.¬† In the picture the man is sitting in his chair having a smoke, and letting his dog out.¬† His dog was coming¬†up to me while I was taking the picture, and the man was trying¬†to get him to stay still for the picture.¬† I think that this picture shows a good view¬†of the man and his dog’s life at the RV park.¬† I also like how the photo is sharp and detailed.

April 23, 2011

Focus 208~

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This weeks project was Focus 208.  I chose to photograph McEuen Field, and its surroundings spots.   I photographed the main baseball field from different views, then I photographed the other little fields around the main one.  I also photographed a boys baseball practice that was going on the next day I photographed the field.  Lastly I photographed the park/basketball court, and went to the library to get different angles of them.

I put most all of my favorites on here, and the rest of all the others are on the Gondor drive.

April 16, 2011

Macro Photo’s

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This week I focused on macro photography.  I got my inspiration from my photography magazine, PhotoGrapghic- Digital Photography Guide.  I wanted to get a lot of outside macro photography, but since the weather has been rainy most of the days I did more of the photos inside my house. 

For the first picture I photographed some berry type things that were on a tree, one of the sunnier days we had.  I like this picture because It has a cool sun glare coming from behind them. 

2nd and 3rd Phot0-¬† I photographed a white flower, and a purple flower.¬† In the white flower, you can see little bugs on the petals, which I did’nt notice until¬†I saw the photo on the computer… but I think it still looks cool , and adds to the photo.¬† For the purple flower,¬†I like the colors and think the photo looks nice.

4th and 5th Photo-  I photographed some colored pencils, because I saw something like it on google, and I wanted to try it.  I think it makes a cool picture, and an interesting view of the pencils.  Also, I like all of the colors put together.  These two pictures came out my favorite out of them all.

6th Photo- For this photo, I photographed a figurine of a little ballerina.  It is sitting on a window seal, so the photo has nice natural lighting.  The figurine is old, so you can see certain details on it. 

April 10, 2011


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For this week, I did a portrait project. I like how the pictures  turned out, and I got my inspiration for most of my portraits, from looking at 

For the pictures of the little girl, I used light room, and put different actions on each of them.  I then used Photoshop to clean up some spots on her face.  Then I also put together a little collage with the two pictures of her.  I think these pictures of Lucy came out the best of the bunch. 

For the photos of Katie,¬† I used Lightroom presets, and then used Photoshop¬†to make a diptych of her pictures.¬† I like how these photos came out¬†also, ¬†and some of the presets look nice with the photos.¬†The only thing I did’nt like, was that for the background of the first photo of her, it came out a little too neon yellow;¬† and it is somewhat distracting.

Outside by the shop room, I found a group of boys, and asked them If I could take their pictures.  I got single portraits of two of the boys, and then a couple group shots of all of them. 

For the first picture, the single shot, I used Photoshop to enhance the contrast, and add his name to the photo. Then I made another diptych of two of his photos.
For the second single shot I used a Lightroom preset.

For the group shots, I first used Lightroom presets, then Photoshop to fix the rest. 

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