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May 28, 2011

Self portrait Project

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My favorite out of the photos is the first and second photos.
For the first photo, the tripod was placed on top of a table
outside, so it would have an above perspective.  I like this photo a lot because of the colors of the outfit, the green
grass as the background, and the guitar as a prop.  I added in a second version of the picture, which I followed a tutorial to get a vintage effect on it.
For the second photo, I did the same thing with the tripod to get the same angle.  For editing, I used Lightrom and Photoshop.  I used Lightrom to get the blue effect, and Photoshop to add a texture in the background, and minor retouches to my eyes, and removed some blemishes.  Then for the second version of the photo I added, I used a water texture over the image, then erased the water from the face and hands, to make the picture look as if i was underwater.  I think the picture looks good, and I think the underwater version gave it a creative view.

Third Photo: For this picture, I added a frame for a prop to add character to the image.  I also took the picture on a tripod, with my other camera, so I would be able to use my main camera I use for a prop.  I hardly did any editing to the picture, just removed a couple blemishes.  I like the photo, and think It came out good.

Fourth Photo: For this photo, I just aimed the tripod down at an angle, and I got this idea from a picture my mentor took of a senior model while I was jobshaddowing at Big Picture. I used selective coloring in Photoshop, to make just the flower head peice and scarf in its original color.

Fifth Photo: For this photo I set the tripod to its low-level, and sat next to a wheel barrel, and had my guitar as a prop also.  I think this photo came out nice, and like this photo in black and white because off the feel it gives it.

Sixth Photo: For this picture, I was in front of an old shed, and took just a normal portrait.  For editing, I used a Photoshop texture over the picture for the background and the edges of my hair, for a more golden look.  lastly I removed some blemishes and enhanced the eye color a little.


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