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May 21, 2011

Lines project

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  • This week I chose to focus on finding lines in landscapes. Even though the thought of doing lines sounds a little boring;  I tried my best to find lines, but in a more creative way.   


  • For my first photo, I found lines in the tree trunks.  The trees are lined up parallel to each other, and form vertical lines.  For editing, I just adjusted the vibrance level to make the sky bluer, and the grass greener.
  • For my second photo, I photographed a fence that went in a long line.  I really like all of the colors in this photo, and this one came out nice.
  • For my third photo, I photographed the lines in the grass, after being mowed.  I thought this was a creative view of “lines”.
  • For my fourth photo, I photographed lines of gravestones.
  • For my fifth photo, I photographed the shadows of the trees, that were in the forms of lines.  I like how the lines go in about 4 different directions.  I also like the touch of sun glare from behind the trees.
  • Sixth Photo:  “Same as fifth photo”
  • For my seventh photo, I photographed a little shed, and focused on the horizontal lines across the shed.  I like the vibrant colors in this photo, but I think some spots towards the top of the photo are a little overexposed.
  • For my eighth photo, I photographed the crossing lines on a road.  The picture is a little plain, but I thought it would fit in good with the “lines” series. 



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