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May 7, 2011

Spring Flowers/Blossoms

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This week I chose to photograph flowers and blossoms.  I like all of the pictures, and think they all came out really nice.  I am happy with the results.

1st Photo- This photo is my number one favorite photo out of them all.  I like the warm/gold tones it has, and the writing behind the flower.  It gives it a unique, artsy touch to it. 

2nd Photo-  This photo is my second favorite, because of the pink colors.  I like how they whole picture is the flower blossoms.   I photoshoped this picture to bring out more of the pinks.  The only part about the photo I don’t like is that it’s a little too bright on one  left side. 

3rd Photo-  This photo is unique, because it is a different angle of the photo.  I like how its a tall version of the flower, and not looking down on it, or a macro.  I also added an old paper, and writing texture behind it, and I think that looks nice with this photo.   

4th Photo-  I like the bronze colors in this photo, and like the writing texture behind it also. 

5th Photo-  I really like this photo of the tulips.  I like all of the different colors of tulips and I also like how just the middle ones are in focus.  I added a little vignette to this photo to bring more focus to the middle tulips.

6th Photo-  I like this photo, because of the detail you can see inside of the flower.  I also think the yellows in the middle look really cool. 

7th Photo-  I love this photo, because of the warm colors it has, and the focus of the bee. I like how you can see the bee getting nectar from the flower.   Also, I like  how it has a good focus on just the bee and flower. 

8th Photo-  For this picture of the Pansy’s, I used light room to add a preset to it.  I like how it came out, but think it could be a little more in focus. 
















































































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