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May 2, 2011

America 24/7 Project

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For this weeks project I tried doing something called America 24/7.  I  remembered seeing this in a book in photography

class, and thought it looked interesting to do.  I looked through the book again and got some ideas on what to take.
Since there are so many photos, I have chosen to just write about the ones I like the best.

What is America 24/7:

“A completely unique collection, America 24/7 is the result of tens of the thousands of Americans who took the

opportunity to create a national family album during one ordinary week. The ordinary is extraordinary in this collection,

in which people of all ages and backgrounds offered up a peek into what a day in the life is like in their version of

America.”  -Getty Images (


I captured different things throughout parts of Cda. I was happy with most of the results, and would like to do it again

in the future to get a different variety, and different occasions in the photos.

2nd Photo:  I really like this photo, because of the excited facial expression of the boy making the basket, while

everyone else isn’t really paying attention.  I also like how the basketball hoop gives the picture a rule of thirds look to


4th Photo:  This photo is my absolute favorite out of all of the photos.  I took a couple of pictures of this boy and his dog,

but on the very last picture, the dog licked his nose unexpectedly; and I caught it on camera.  This part of the picture

gives it a unique touch.

6th Photo:  I think this photo is interesting, even though it’s a simple subject.  I really like the lighting from behind the trees in this photo, and the warm tome it has.  I also like how you can see all of the womans gardening tools aligned up by her fence.

8th Photo: I like the way this photo was  taken.  I like how you can see a lot of detail and objects in the photo.  This photo is one of the best to me because of the little story behind it.  This man lives close to my house, and I have known him since I was about 6 years old.  Since I have known him he has run his own auto repair shop in a big garage behind his house. Even though he is getting older, he still works everyday in the garage on people’s cars, and is a hard, dedicated worker.  When I took this photograph, he was just getting done for the day, and wiping off the car he had been working on.  Another thing I like about this picture is how you can see all of the grease and stuff on his hand from working with the cars all day.

9th Photo:  I also like this photo because of the story behind it.  This photo was taken at an RV park next to a motel.  I was visiting my aunt and uncle that work at the motel.  My uncle knew the man in the photo, and talked to him, and he didn’t mind it I took pictures of him.  The man sits out in his lounge chair a lot to get out of his small RV home.  In the picture the man is sitting in his chair having a smoke, and letting his dog out.  His dog was coming up to me while I was taking the picture, and the man was trying to get him to stay still for the picture.  I think that this picture shows a good view of the man and his dog’s life at the RV park.  I also like how the photo is sharp and detailed.


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  1. FAN-STINKIN-TASTIC. One of the best blog posts of the year. I love the variety that you include in here from detail shots, to portraits, to slices of life.

    Great work.

    Comment by Twitchell — May 17, 2011 @ 6:29 pm

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